Where to place my Smart Garden 3?

Hello, and merry Christmas! I’m brand new to this, and I just hooked up my Smart Garden 3. I think it’s all set up correctly. It came with three basil pods that I’ve planted. I didn’t realize that it had the bright lights on the arm, so my original plan was to place it on my windowsill for natural sunlight. Apparently, natural sunlight isn’t needed! So with that in mind, where is the best place to put my garden? If I put it on my windowsill, will it get TOO much light, since it’s getting the light both from the arm and from the sun? Should I put it in a darker room like my bedroom or bathroom? Any suggestions are appreciated!

Also, one unrelated question. The directions said that the pods can be reused, so don’t label the plants with a permanent marker. All I have are permanent markers. So I just got some scotch tape and wrote on that instead, and I guess I’ll remove the tape when I switch to another plant. Does anyone know of any non-permanent markers you can use to simplify things?


You are right that a windowsill is not a good place. The plants grow well because the correct amount of light. You can put other plants on your windowsill and put the C&G in a darker place where plants don’t do well normally. You can also replant plants from the C&G to the windowsill and extend their life and yield.

Any whiteboard marker should do well on the labels. You can simply wipe them after use with a cloth.


Hi @PockASqueeno, great to have you here!

Well, the thing with the Smart Gardens is that they are portable and you can move it around, depending on your needs or moods. In more hardy climates, we often keep our gardens on a windowsill, as it is not hot here and quite dark during winter months. However, in hot climates, yes, that might be a problem as the sun will heat the water in the tank, and not too many plants tolerate it.

I believe you mean that the white plant cups can be reused, not pods, right? I only label plants that are new to my family. I don’t label my favorite plants and most common edibles, as my family members know what they look like, but I keep track of them via the Click and Grow app. I just register the pod on the app once I plant it in, so I’ll know when I planted it and when to do a full harvest.

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Permanent markers can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, hairspray, and such.
And I know that Sharpies can be erased with a magic eraser.

But using the Click and Grow App to track your plants is more convenient.