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Hiya Folks.

So glad to be here.
I got my CG9 as a hard work present for myself. I live with my lovely wife in a paid for house with 2 cats a big garden, greenhouse and lots of bicycles.
The click and grow is fascinating. it sits amongst a large cacti/houseplant collection. All good. I will post images soon. Thank you click and grow. regards…Roy.

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Hi @Retrika7,

I’m just a novice here but I’d still like to offer a warm welcome. This is a nice community and, if you have issues, problems, comments, there are some really truly experts in the care and feeding of Smart Gardens here too.

I love your description of your house. I’d love it there! :sunglasses:



Thanks. My plants are absolutely ‘Healthy as hell’.!! I’ve popped my 2 Lemon trees onto 9Grow and they love it. Happy Christmas all. xx