SMART GARDEN 3 #GREENJANUARY GIVEAWAY: Share your Smart Gardens and tell us what you have planted this year




:seedling: Post a photo of your Smart Garden under this topic.

:seedling: Name the plants that you have already grown this year.
:seedling: Winner will be announced on January 29.

Thanks to everyone who gave this year a bit greener start!


Love my gardens!


New to this so only Mini tomato, purple chilli and basil so far! :heart:


Wild strawberries have just sprouted! Being guarded by little guardian cats


Petunias! Blooming just in time for Chinese New Year!


Loving my Basil, Red sorrel, and Romaine.


Sherry (chives) , Benny (basil middle) and Bessy(end basil) growing up together :blush::muscle::fairy:t2:‍♀


Planted 11/1-19, picture from today. My First plants with a Click and Grow Smart Garden.
From the left 2x experimental pods with Holy Basil, 2x basil, 2x arugula, 2x romaine lettuce and a red mini tomato that I just can see one plant is germinating today. :heart:


My desk garden at work. My office is a lot busier after I planted these about 4 weeks ago and everyone is anxious to see the first harvest. I have Mint, and strawberries, as well as some Red Hot Chilli Peppers which have been named after members of the band (a co worker took one of the extra sprouts and has transplanted it into his window garden with decent success - that’s also the 4th member of the band). We’d love to have a garden to put at the main entrance desk!


Dwarf peas planted on December 30th!


Moss roses planted on November 27th. The first flower came and went quite quickly but was cute while it lasted!



Purple chili from CnG doing very well

Green chili too

I have grown a lot of coriander, this plant started to bolt about a week ago and now has beautiful white flowers. I thought I’d leave it and see if I can collect some coriander seeds for cooking.

Click and Grow tomatoes are just starting to get ripe.

My latest experiment is flat leaf parsley, which is very happy in the Click & Grow and has a great flavor. Leaves just starting to get some white spots on them which I think just means we need to eat them! We always prefer flat leaf parsley over the curly variety in the CnG pods.


Just started 2 weeks ago! Tomato plants growing really well :tomato::seedling::two_hearts:


It’s been a fun year of growing.
Right now mini tomatoes, rosemary, chilis and strawberries are all getting closer to harvest time!
I had successful basil and lettuce this year as well as green onions I grew from kitchen scraps :slight_smile:


For my new sets of plants for 2019, I am doing experimental plants.

Top SG3: C&G Sweet Red Peppers
Bottom Left SG3: Tiny Tim Tomatoes (McKenzie seeds), 3 seedlings
Bottom Right SG3: Little Bing Tomato (Halifax Seeds), Patio Hybrid Tomato (Halifax Seeds), Red Alert Tomato (Suttons)
SG9: Romaine Ballon Lettuce (Mr. Fothergill’s)


We love our Smart Garden so much! We’re learning about the growth cycle of plants and where our food comes from!! This year we’ve grown Basil!!


Currently growing mint, yellow bell peppers, curly parsley, and Thai basil!


Even Super Heroes need their daily veggies. :wink:

Growing Pak Choi on my SG3.

Growing basil, mini tomatoes, rosemary, yellow sweet peppers, peppermint and arugula on my SG9.