SMART GARDEN 3 #GREENJANUARY GIVEAWAY: Share your Smart Gardens and tell us what you have planted this year


I just loved the plants that I started to grow at the start of the year that I bought new click and grow :stuck_out_tongue:

The plants that are growing right now ( on the left)
Yellow chilli
Mini tomatoes (red)

The new plants that are incoming are
Basil x2

Just love it!!


How do I add my photo and list of things grown?


Left to right:

3 - Green Lettuce (Planted 1/1, 19/1, 19/1)
3 - Cockscomb (Planted 21/1, 21/1, 21/1)
3 - Lavender (Planted 3/1, 3/1, 3/1)

I started my journey with Click & Grow on 5 December 2018, initially with 3 Basil, 3 Mini Tomato, 3 Moss Rose. They have all been transplanted into small pots outdoors. I have given away one of my moss rose & one of my basil to my friends so that they can experience gardening as well. I wish to use the SG 9 as a nursery for my future plants and continue to spread the notion of gardening to others!


Hi @Pat_Acton,

Just click the button “upload” on the tool board, that allows you add a picture to your post. And add your list of plants to the post. As you are an experienced grower, your list must be quit long.


I am waiting for tomatoes to grow :))


Already had some lettuce for dinner, trying to grow extra tomatoes that were taken from the pods couple weeks ago :slight_smile: basil is growing fast as well ;))


Been busy this winter. Have done a lot grazing so some looks skimpy. Lettuce, parsley, thyme, Tatsoi (thank you Gene for introducing me to it), leaf mustard, catnip, Thai basil, red beet leaf, dill, dwarf pea, mini tomatoes, lemongrass, and wheat grass (for the cats). Another grower sent me some seeds I’ve never grown so starting those today.


Thank you for telling me how to post. Guess I’m just getting to old to figure computers out now days without some help.


When will you announce the winner


Totoro are cheering for my starter kit : Basil :herb: lettuce :leafy_green: and :tomato: tomato!


I started my gardening back in my junior school days. But after I moved into an apartment, planting became a luxury hobby because there is no space for it. After discovering Click & Grow, I immediately bought the System 9 to try planting again, in the house, not having to worry about plants not getting the needed light to grow. I planted 3 Reddie (red Kale) on the left, 3 Baby (sweet basil) at the center and 2 Sweetie (wild Strawberry) on the right. The 3rd strawberry pod did not have any plants, so I decided to put in some lettuce seeds I bought earlier to try if it sprout and it did :heart_eyes:

You can see that my Baby (basil) is already hitting the roof. I will try to transplant it to the external pot and start my tomato pods (I will call them Red Dots) that is queuing to be planted. I have put my other plants close to the system to benefit from the light to improve the growth of the plants. Those flowers are from the Azelea plant, specially bought for the coming Chinese New Year festive season.

Watching these plants grow have helped me de-stress from my hectic work life. I plan on getting another set to be placed on my desk. If I can win this, it will be perfect.


Did anyone win?


Welcome to the C&G bloggers party, Pat!


Thank you all for lovely photos! Congratulations @Noor_Azlina for winning the Smart Garden 3! :tada::tada: Please send your shipping details as a DM. :slight_smile:


I can’t believe I didn’t know about this site. I thought I had been adding to the blog all along.


I have known this only when I was invited to test the plain parsley.