What are you growing right now?

Hi everybody! :wave:

Let’s share what we are growing right now. You can post a picture or just tell us what are you growing in your garden.

I’ll start with my own SG9 that I have on my kitchen windowsill. There are two oreganos, sage, my lovely hyssop flowering, two tomatoes that I plan to replant outside when it’s warmer, and some dwarf peas I plan to use for Pad Thai this week.

Looking forward to seeing your plants :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

After a great success with my starter trio of basil, I ordered and planted a mixture: one chili, one strawberry, and one tomato. They have grown well, from the left-hand image to the right-hand one.

The strawb and the tom are flowering, but nothing so far from the chili.

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That looks neat! Great job on thinning the plants.
The chilli will probably have some flowers soon too. :crossed_fingers:

I’m just surprised that they like each other’s company - really great. If needed you can remove some of the leaves if they start to fade or turn yellow. This way you can give more light to the lower leaves.

Yes, I need to learn more about pruning :slight_smile:

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I am currently growing three types of flowers: Gazania, Moss Rose, and Cockscomb. I enjoy them all!

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Oh me, oh my. So beautiful @RayMoose!

The mixed flower colours are always a mystery to see. And 12 points for thinning the cockscombs!

Well, let’s see LOL. I’ve got cockscomb, cornflower, lavender, viola, cilantro, parsley, apple mint, chives, dwarf peas, and various salad greens in my C&G25s. Also experimenting with two varieties of radish. :slight_smile:

My C&G9’s have tomatoes and peppers (starting to flower). One C&G3 has a strawberry plant, and the other has more mint and basil. Fresh apple mint makes a delicious tea.

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