Update on Big Beef tomato starts

My seedlings are doing well. The store-bought ones are a bit shocky (curled leaves) but not too bad. But my hopes rest on my three that were “born” under my SG3 light bar.

If I get time, I’ll break these images back to narrative form. Meanwhile, here’s a timeline gallery:

If that’s too big or unmanageable, I’ve put a PDF of it on my website:

I’m just so happy with my Smart Garden. I’m already starting to plan what to plant next. I’ll stick with Click Grow pods now. I don’t anticipate anymore starters for outdoors (until next year’s tomato season).


Hi @HappyME!

Happy to hear your feedback!
I also use my smart gardens in the spring for pre-growing tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, physalis etc. seedlings and transplanting them later to the greenhouse. I like to use experimental pods and my own seeds for that. Plants have a good start and I don’t have to mess with loose soil inside the house.
Your plants are looking healthy and vigorous. :slight_smile:

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