Tomato grown in the Lettuce pod

I have thined the tomatoes and planted into one of the Lettuce pods, which failed to grow. Now take a look, how greener and stronger the tomato is (the very right one). And it has significantly more fruits :slight_smile:


hahaa nice work!

Seems that the transplanted tomato plant really appreciates life!

There really is overall good number of fruits on your tomato plants, you must have been pollinating carefully?

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Nice job Nikolay! The tomato on the right is really impressive :muscle:

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I had noticed the same thing, The little yellow tomatoes do not like to be crowded.
Now that I think about it I bet the yellow peppers don’t either. The peppers grew but that is ALL I can say for them.

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The tomato really likes some attention. Thinning to one plant per pod is the key to success.


Pretty amazing how well a tomato plant can yield.
Then looking at the C&G products I was a bit skeptical to tomatoes, thinking it would out grow the SG before the tomatoes came about. Looking forward to plant tomatoes now.

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Yes, that can be quite an experience :slight_smile:

do you have some pics to share?