Tomatoes - what’s wrong?

Hope someone can help. The leaves on my tomato plants have turned a strange colour and they don’t seem as healthy. What have I done wrong

They’re overcrowded. There should only be one tomato plant per pod because they will compete for the nutrients. It may be too late but you can still try to cut down the plants but one. Add liquid fertilizer on the soil and see if the solo plant recovers.


Oh, and make sure that the location of the cut is closest to the soil to make sure that the remaining part dies. Do not pull them out from the soil.

Thank you so much for the reply Gene! I’ve culled each of the plants and hope for the best. Thanks again

You’re quite welcome! Please post photo updates if you can.

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Hei @Mil047,

Sorry to see you encountered some problems with your tomato.

For successful future plantings go over plant care tips. You can find them by scanning the qr code with your phone on the 3-pack or in CG webstore, under each plant.


My tomatoes have yellow flowers and are 7 weeks old NO TOMATOES I am so frustrated as ive had other problems and am regretting buying this click and grow

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Make sure with any flowering veggies that you pollinate the flowers. Since we don’t have bees to do the work indoors, take a little tiny paint brush and tap each flower so that the pollen transfers. I ran into the same issue with my first attempt at strawberries. You can also just tap the flower but they are delicate and can fall off easily so I prefer the paint brush method. Think of one the size you might use to decorate a cookie!

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Hi @Queenager_Lynn_Alise,

Sorry to see that you are encountering problems with your garden. It would be great if you could upload a picture of the actual tomatoes. Then we can see what is actually causing the issues and no yielding.
Anyways, if you have any problems, please contact the support, they are happy to assist you.