Tomatoes - what’s wrong?


Hope someone can help. The leaves on my tomato plants have turned a strange colour and they don’t seem as healthy. What have I done wrong


They’re overcrowded. There should only be one tomato plant per pod because they will compete for the nutrients. It may be too late but you can still try to cut down the plants but one. Add liquid fertilizer on the soil and see if the solo plant recovers.


Oh, and make sure that the location of the cut is closest to the soil to make sure that the remaining part dies. Do not pull them out from the soil.


Thank you so much for the reply Gene! I’ve culled each of the plants and hope for the best. Thanks again


You’re quite welcome! Please post photo updates if you can.


Hei @Mil047,

Sorry to see you encountered some problems with your tomato.

For successful future plantings go over plant care tips. You can find them by scanning the qr code with your phone on the 3-pack or in CG webstore, under each plant.