Yellow leaves and one tiny bug in tomatoe plant



Hi! New here. I planted mini tomatoes in the the beginning of January. They looked good until recently the leaves started turning yellow. Today one of the tomatoes turned yellow too. And I just noticed one tiny bug which seems to have disappeared and was barely visible and I can’t see any more but I’m grossed out and considering getting rid of the entire unit now because I detest bugs… Does the plant look ok and if not any advice? Should it be thinned and if so can anyone explain what I should cut off?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I know absolutely nothing about gardening and this is my first rodeo so anything would help.


Hello! Yellowing leaves are perfectly normal. Your plants are putting all their effort and resources into their fruit. Your tomatoes look great! I really wouldn’t throw away the whole thing because of one tiny bug. If you see an infestation, that would be another matter entirely. But one little bug shouldn’t be a problem for you. :blush: