Yellow leaves tomato plant

I have 3 tomato plants of about 80 days old. All of them have small tomatoes on them :-). Unfortunately, one of them has all yellow leaves that are falling off. I have read that some of these are to be expected, however all of the leaves seems to be problematic (see picture below).

All plants have the same light/temperature and humidity, so I am wondering what I can/should do, thanks!


The leaves of my plant are also a little yellow, but not as much as yours though. I’m guessing it’s normal due to the plant spending energy elsewhere growing the tomatoes. Not sure though…

Ya I think your right it takes a lot of work for ur little plants to make little baby tomatoes

You need to add a little liquid nutrient to the water in the unit. Tomatoes use up a lot of the nitrogen and magnesium in the pods so a little help is needed after a couple months sometimes. Clip those leaves off since they are still using up the plant’s energy. The stem isn’t brown so don’t think its fusarium root rot.

Thank you! I will try to add some liquid nutrient in the water for my new batch of tomatoes :-)!