Is this normal for tomato plant?

Are my tomatoes doing ok? I planted these on 8/15 and this is what they look like now… just the small yellow flowers and a few look dead. Overall plant leaves might be a bit droopy but is this normal too? When should I be seeing the tomato ?

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Hi @Rees13,

your plants look perfectly normal.
But, in the long term, it would be even better if you could follow recommended care tips that are put together by the Click and Grow gardeners. E.g. next time thin out extra seedlings so that every plant would have enough nutrients, light, and water to thrive.
You can find the tips in our online store under “plant care”, or on the app under plant catalog or receive timed tips according to the plant pods age.

Also, don’t be alarmed if the yellow petals fall off after germination. It takes some time until you can actually see the fruit forming. And, not every flower produces yield, unfortunately.