Tomato plant


I planted my tomato plant 70 days ago and its growth seems pretty slow, is this normal?

Really sorry to see that you tomato is not yielding.

Can you tell us about the growing conditions (temp, high humidity? etc)?

It seems to me that there are flower pods forming at the top of the plant, so there is hope that it will flower soon.

Let us know about the process, if it is improving or not.

My yellow tomatoes just ripened. However, they taste very watery and flavorless!!! I searched online and it says that it happens when tomatoes take in too much water. How do I control how much water they take in?? The soil didn’t seem too wet to me. Such a disappointment :frowning:

Hi, really sorry to hear that the taste was such a disappointment for you!

The tomatoes we had were sweet and full of flavor. I’m worried that you might have harvested too early, could it be it?