Mini tomato growth Issue

I’ve been growing your mini tomatoes since 63 days now
Since the last 15-20 days, the leaves are turning black and many have fallen off: And no flowers yet. What’s the issue with this?
The following pictures are from October first week to date - 16 Nov.
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waiting for the response at the earliest. What should be the next actions…

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Hi @Manisha

Really sorry to see that your tomato is not yielding. Is it yellow or red mini tomato? Yellow tends to need more time and grows taller than the red one. There are some visible premature flower buds, it would be interesting to see if it makes it to full bloom.

First, please check the float and make sure it is not filled with water. It is a common problem for smart garden 3 that the float gets filled with water over time and therefore it indicates the water lever wrong- this often leads to overwatering. This could be one of the reasons why one plant has died back. Symptoms like this usually refer to root problems, especially to root rot.

Secondly, what about the growing conditions? Numerous root nodules on the stem indicate that there is a lot of moisture in the air. How is the air circulation and temperature- that would be helpful to know to understand why the plant is suffering.

As one pod has died back, please contact the click and grow support team and submit a ticket to receive replacement pods.

Thanks a lot Mia for your replies - here is my feedback:

  1. Red mini tomato

  2. I’ve always keep a check on the float. I press it to see whether it’s stuck or not.

  3. It’s growing in the kitchen with good air circulation. I have my other hydroponic machine there as well (24 planter), which is growing properly. I had also grown basil in the same place as the mini tomatoes, which had grown just fine.

  4. I stay in Mumbai, which has high humidity anyway.

  5. What my input would be to extend the light of the 3rd pod. It receives less light because it’s the furthest. The same issue I had faced while growing basil, the 3rd pod always grows slower than the other two and is stunted as compared to the others. Hope this helps.

  6. The temperature would be room temperature 25C - 32C. I had planted it during the monsoons, so maybe the humidity was high, which is anyway always high in Mumbai.
    Please let us know your suggestions for growing such fruit veg in this climate conditions with Click & Grow. Shall we again go for tomatoes or try some other plant.

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thank you for your feedback

  1. I understand, but, it is worth checking if the float is still empty and it indicates the correct water level. There is an article on how to remove and open the smart garden 3 float on the support page. Just to make sure that a possibly too high water level is not causing root health problems.

For mini tomato, a smart garden 9 would be more suitable as it provides red led that support the growth and development of fruiting plants. Also, it would make sense to try out pro cup while growing tomatoes, as they allow the roots to grow more freely, which also leads to better plant health.

  1. As Click and Grow use dwarf cultivars- raising the lamp is not the solution for fruiting plants. I do agree, that the light setup is not entirely perfect for the smart garden 3, but it is not the reason why one tomato pod failed, symptoms suggest it is a problem with the roots.
    In the case of Basil, I suggest following plant care and harvest tips to use the produce in time. Trimming also induces new growth and eliminates the need to raise the lamp higher than one ar,

  2. At a higher temperature range combined with high humidity plants may grow at a bit different pace than our plant information suggests. They may stretch a bit taller and may refuse to fruit when we expect it to happen or it may take a bit longer. Despite that, I suggest keeping the lamp as low as possible, because lower light intensity will stretch out the plants even more.