Help me understand what's wrong with my tomato

Hi to all. This is my first post on the forum. I have a Click and grow Smart Garden 3. My tomato has yellowed leaves on the bottom and the ground is a bit moldy. The flowers also do not open. Tell me how to fix it. I will be grateful for any help


Thank you for posting.
This looks very odd, and the flowers seem to have failed to open and are falling off too early.
Can you share any information about the temperatures and humidity near the garden?
Did you add the extra lamp arm from the start or did you start the plants without extension?
It seems that the flowers have burned off, maybe from the excessive heat or wind breeze or it could be the lamp being too low and burning the flowers.

Thank you for your response. Perhaps the lamp was too low. Also, I placed my tomatoes near the heater at a temperature of approximately 30 degrees Celsius and with an average humidity of 65-70%.

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I thought that was the reason.

The tomatoes will love heat, but beware that temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius will prohibit flowering and pollination, therefore it will not give proper fruit. But that has been proven when the temperature of neat flowers is 30 degrees. Usually, the plants keep a lower temperature around their vegetative parts.

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