Humidity issues?

Hello, I’m new to Click and Grow and very excited! I’ve been growing the starter pack (lettuce, tomatoes, basil), and have reached the point where the domes can be removed. I’m a little worried about humidity because I’m growing them indoors and it’s winter, and the smart garden is close to the AC which can be quite drying. Also, the tips of the lettuce leaves are turning light brown. Is this normal? If not, could low humidity be the issue, and any suggestions on how to increase it? I’ve been misting the leaves a few times a day.

Thanks all!

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Hi @bruiseli , welcome to the community!

Could you add a picture of your lettuce and what is the age of it? There can be many reasons that cause browning.

I have a similar situation at home, a smart garden 9 is right under the AC and the air that comes from it is 26 C, but only occasionally, it is usually on only in the mornings. I see that tomato is fine with it, as the overall temp range is 18 to 22 C.

Overall, most plants love misting, tomato not that much :smiley: but overall, the cultivars that are tested and used by click and grow tolerate various (and sometimes extreme) conditions quite well, as long as plant care procedures are followed.

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Hi Mirjam,

Thanks for your response, and for all your helpful tips! I’ll mist the basil and lettuce and avoid the tomatoes.

I guess the browning is mostly occurring on the first leaves that sprouted… seed leaves, I guess they’re called? The subsequent leaves are fine. I planted these about two weeks ago.

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indeed, if this occurs on first leaves aka cotyledons, it is all good. Cotyledons die back anyways at one point, as they’re only needed for sprouting.

Just keep in mind to harvest lettuce in time, there are tips for it on the app on how and when to do that. :slight_smile:

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