Limp new lettuce

I’m back… 1st planting, SG9. No extensions. Everything except peppermint has sprouted so that’s good news. My green lettuce had been doing wonderfully but for the last 24 hours it’s gone limp.

I don’t see anything else wrong, but unlike its previous straight-up growth, it’s lying even flatter than the photo shows. It also feels limp.
Should I be concerned or take some action?

This is day 11. I have not added water but the float isn’t that far from the top and it’s definitely floating. Pea & pak choi are both taller than the lettuce and they’re still standing straight up & seem vigorous. Again it’s not just the angle maybe that’s normal, it’s that it feels limp.

Any advice appreciated. Some of this is doubtless newbie garden-hovering, but I also prefer to catch problems early than late!

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thank you for sharing your experience

Peppermint may need up to 3 weeks to sprout and young seedlings are quite fragile first, but growth will accelerate soon.

Lettuce may feel limp at the beginning, but all looks good on your picture. Very good germination rate. Lettuce is sensitive to hot temperatures- what is the average temperature indoors? But, as you said pea and pak choi are doing well- your lettuce will also do just fine as they need similar growing conditions.

You can find more detailed plant information on the app. Just register your garden and add plants to it- then you’ll get timed tips according to the pod’s age. Also, you can read general info for every plant under the plant catalog.

Thank you! In three days it will be three weeks, and then I’ll contact support about peppermint pod. So far everything else is good. I did move two taller plants next to each other to better share the light between the smaller ones :slight_smile:

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This reminds me, is it true that in the app there’s no way to edit the garden to, for example, reflect my recent rearrangement of the plants in it? I looked for the app topic even though this is a gardener forum. The topic I found had no activity after August 2018.