Possible Tomato issue

Hello, I am growing the small yellow tomatoes and one plant has several fruits, but it seems to have really slowed down. Some of the flowers are withering and closing. The other plant isn’t flowering at all. I noticed some lower leaves that are curling and have darker areas on them. The top of the soil is a little light rust color and feels crumbly, but wicks seem wet and bottom of soil is damp. Any ideas? I started this garden on Dec 20th or 21st.

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Anyone out there??

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Hi @rosieb52 Welcome to the community!

Your yellow tomato is doing great. As it is a dwarf cultivar it should stop growing to height at one point- as it has done. There is no need to raise the lamp any higher, also, some of the greens and herbs you have previously planted may suffer from the lack of light and become leggy that also leads to less yield.
Also, the plant on the left has some visible flower buds- it will be in full bloom soon. Just make sure you pollinate the flowers, they don’t fully open as other species do, but gentle brushing already gets the job done. Yellow petals will fall off when the flower is pollinated. But, don’t be disappointed if some of the flowers fall off as a whole- not every flower becomes a fruit.

You can also find care tips on the product pages under plant care. Also, if you are a user of Click and Grow mobile app, once you register your garden and add plants to it you’ll receive timed care tips, some also come with explanatory how-to videos.


Thanks for replying. They have not changed in a long time. The flowers on the left have never opened and the fruit on the right has not changed in size at all and flowers have closed. I wrote because everything seems stunted.
Also, many leaves look like this.

Hello, it looks like you have two extension arms in it? Did you start it off with two? I think supposed to start with one and with the types of plants you have in there keep it at one also I think. My small yellow tomatoes are only about 8 inches tall if not less and have fruits. Looks like the other plants look leggy too (reaching for the light) might be due to the extensions. However, I’m NO expert at all! So take with a grain of salt.

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