Mini tomato in Singapore

Hey guys!

I have a mini tomato plant that I started in Aug 23.

So far it has not bear any fruits yet.

And many of its leaves have yellowed and shrivelled.

I have cut away some of these shrivelled leaves.

I live in singapore and the room temperature is from 25 to 30C.

Can anyone advise me how I can try to get it to bear fruits?

Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing @spirited

The temperature range is suitable for tomatoes, it actually prefers warmer temps, so all is good from climate side.

Tomato is one of those plants that needs a bit more care than others and can be a bit picky sometimes.
It needs to be thinned in the seedling stage to one seedling per pod, as this would eliminate competition between plants. Also, it thrives much better in Wall Farm and Smart Garden 9- due to these gardens providing a red spectrum of light that many fruiting plants need to thrive. Also, using perforated pro cups will improve root health for all plants, escpecially tomatoes and peppers.

At the moment, I see some flower buds at the top. You may consider planting it to a larger container and it will regrow from there, as tomatoes usully benefit from transplanting. Just make sure you plant it a bit deeper than it was growing before, it will form new viable roots on the stem.

I hope you got something out of this long reply.
If you wish to read more about plant care, there is a plant care info tab on every plant product page on and of course, you can find it all on the official Click and Grow app, either under the plant list or as timed tips once you register your plant.

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