Mini Tomato query

My Mini Tomato plants are looking very healthy. They were planted 25 days ago… Plants have not become tall (mostly around 10-13 cms)… There are lots of buds and also one or two yellow flowers are also blooming… But I feel the plants are very dwarf and will they be able to bear the fruits if they are so small in height… I have seen the video of pollinating and will do as some more yellow flowers bloom…

I have gone through mostly all the posts on this forum and on the support website of Click And Grow… Everywhere I have seen the tomato plant size is taller than the ones at my home.
Please let me know if the growth is ok. The climate here in Pune is hot - temperature around 28- 32 degrees C

Here are 2 pictures of the plants -
MiniTomato_HomeSG9_2 MiniTomato_HomeSG9


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