Tomato plants transplant

Hi. My tomotoe plants are reaching the light bar. Some flowers opening. I don’t have any extensions. I could only extend the top on as I have the 27 garden so only room on the top one. Should I love them all to a big pot and keep them inside?

Definitely show us what you’re working with. Usually the plants should stay within the extension limits.

I have the same case. Tomatoes are too high and I afraid they can’t get enough light.

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Hi @mkazmin

Thanks for adding the picture. Unfortunately, it seems that some of the plant care information hasn’t been available for you. Tomato seedlings need to be thinned at the early growing stage so that this one plant per pod would have all the light and space and nutrients it needs to thrive. As there are multiple seedlings in one pod they need to compete and that’s why they are much taller- just trying to reach the light.

All plant care info is available for every plant pod on the product page under plant care. Or, download the official Click and Grow mobile app. Once you register your garden and add plants to it with the correct start date you’ll get timed plant care tips, just like the one to thin out your tomato seedlings. Some tips also come as pushed notifications, just as a kind reminder and some also display a short video on how to attend to plants.

At the moment I would leave the plants as they are because some are already bearing fruit. Also, it seems that Green Lettuce is ready to be harvested in one go and basil would benefit from some trimming.

I hope you find this helpful!

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