Tomates touching lights

My tomato plants are growing well and are starting to flower. But some are touching the lights already. Is this ok? They are staked but is there something else I should do? Thanks.

So I’m not the only one :smiley:

I have one pot that is touching the lights, but it has already 3 tomatoes growing on it (and some more flowers). So I would say it is fine as long as the leaves not covering the actually LEDs. But this is my first round of pots, so take it with a grain of salt please.

However I used to grow tomatoes (and other things) without these smart garden, at they can get tall… really tall. So I’m not to worried.

Thank you! I am encouraged by your reply. I’ll keep an eye and report again.

Here is one view. There are bigger tomatoes already on other branches, but overall they are still all green.