These are my tomato plants - do I need extension arms?

My tomato plants are doing really well so far (as you can see in the photos), except for the fact that there are a few leaves that look burned (see the last photo). These leaves are located precisely under each of the 3 red lights (among the 9 lights of the garden). They don’t seem to be too close to the lights, yet they get burned. At first I thought it is an optical illusion because of the red lights, but I took photos with the lights covered and the leaves are definitely burned. No other leaves on my five tomato plants are even a shade of yellow, except these ones near the red lights. Should I try using extensions, now that my tomato plants are pretty big? Thank you!

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Hi Remus,

The tomatoes are looking wonderful. Love the garden design!
There is no need to add extensions as the tomatoes are dwarf cultivars and will stay small. If you raise the light even more the plants will start to stretch out and will not get enough light to grow.
The burning indicates that plants are starting to degrade as their fruits mature the leaves are showing signs of nutrient deficiencies. You can remove the burned leaves. Actually, the red lights are there to help with flowering and fruiting in the latter stages of growth. These are the plants that will yield first, with the downside of them running out of nutrients faster. The tomato plant pods consist of nutrients for up to 6 months and then it’s time to plant new pods. If you want to keep them longer, it is optional to replant them into new soil or add extra fertilizer to the tank or pods.

Keep on pollinating the other flowers or just give them a gentle shake and soon you’ll be picking red tomatoes!