Use of extensions

Excuse me if this has been posted and answered before. I couldn’t find an answer, even though I searched, but I’m new here, so maybe I haven’t looked in the right place.

I have one of the larger units, in which I’m currently growing tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries. The unit has one set of extension arms fitted that came with it.

My tomatoes are almost touching the lights, but my peppers and strawberries are miles away.

Should I fit another set of extension arms, transplant the tomatoes (still flowering), or something else?

I’m worried that, while the tomatoes might appreciate the additional growing room, the other plants won’t appreciate the lack of light.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hey David! And welcome to the Click & Grow family.
Your assumptions are right. The use of the second pair of extension arms will leave lower plants with less light and is therefore not recommended. We even removed the second pair from our new packages.

I personally would just guide the tomatoes past the lamp. When tomatoes appear, they usually bend the plant downwards. If you post a picture, maybe I can give better advice.

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Thank you so much for responding pritt, and apologies for not reacting sooner.

I returned after a few days in the UK, and I have tomatoes!

As you rightly suggested, the plants have bent downwards, so disaster has been averted, and everything seems okay now.

Thanks again for your advice.


Yes! The Click & Grow SG9 second pair of extensions is not the right way to go… usually.

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I’m confused.

My plants reached the top time ago and I added the extension arms. But I just added three more pods, so I’m not sure if the new ones are receiving the light they need. After reading this I removed the arms, but in other posts they say it’s not a problem to have them on.

Should I never use the extension arms as you said here, or should I use them?


Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. I’m talking about the second (extra) set of extensions.

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Hi @rcobiella,

This set up is totally fine with one pair of arms. This is how it is meant to be used, so you are doing great and it is ok to start new plant pods like this.

But, for the future, also go over plant care tips. You can find these on the web for every plant pod or on the app. e.g. chili peppers require thinning right after sprouting and pollinating to bear fruit.

Happy growing!