What plants to use with smart garden and the extension arm!

Hello! Newbie here! I set up three gardens to test my first grow! The top garden, has the extension arms (added from the start!) and I’m wondering, wavy gardeners, which plants benefit from the extra height. My assumption is: tomatoes, strawberries…maybe peppers? Any suggestions would be welcome!



Very cool closeted set-up with the matching curtains, wow! It looks like the garden was made for this space.
Extra height can be added later, I advise you to grow all plants from the start with one extension, and if any leaves start to hit the light you can add one more extension.’

But from Click and Grow plant selection all plants are okay with one extension from start to finish. Nevertheless, I and other gardeners have experienced that Yellow Tomato, some varieties of Chilies, and most probably Sweet Peppers tend to grow taller than the lamp.

And of course, the possibilities are endless, but are you up for a challenge?
Many taller plants will need a trellis to climb or to rest on.

Make sure sometimes to give the closet some air movement, to encourage plants to grow better.