Increase Height of Garden

So plants are growing well and maturing but they have flowered later/higher so now the tomatoes and peppers are likely to go beyond the full height of the garden. Is it possible to extend by using extenders?

Hi - my tomato and pepper plants outgrew the garden months ago, and I transplanted them outside. I’m lucky to have a sunny balcony, and I recommend doing this if possible. They grow slowly, so it’s taken a few months, but I now have five healthy pepper plants with many peppers growing, and it’s still producing flowers. I’ve already eaten a couple of yellow ones, and I have many green ones ripening. To me, the garden can be a great way to start plants, but sometimes it’s best to transplant them when they start getting too big.

Hi @Tilesh!

Your garden looks lush and vigorous! No need to rise the lamp. It is quite common that tomatoes and chilies to stop growing just before touching the light. If you rise the lamp, plants are getting floppy and leggy. Keep up the good work by keeping your plants healthy and compact! :slight_smile:

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Thank you - sound advice!

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They look fabulous / not so sunny here in London (UK) but I have a south facing garden so hopefully July and August will do them good!

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I do the exact same thing. These are all on my balcony: Mini yellow tomatoes (6) and red sweet peppers (4), wild strawberries, and a key lime tree.