When to add extension arms?

I have added the arms out of the box as shown in the image on the front. Should i only add these later, once the seedlings have established / grown to certain height? Instructions are a little ambiguous…?

If it is a Smart Garden 9 extensions out of the box shall be added from start.

The SG9 wants you to put the extensions on immediately. The 1st time I used it, I didn’t read the instructions and put the light arm directly on instead. The pods germinated and grew with no problem. The problem was then getting the light off to add the extensions. Had to pull, wiggle and finally add a little oil around them to get them off. The next time I used the extensions. The pods germinated, again with no problem. So to me, that’s your preference. But if you use the light bar and then add the extension, add them when the plants are about 1-2" away from the lights so they don’t get burned. Does this help?

Great thanks - I noticed the light arm is a little tight.

The reason I questioned it is that in the back of the instructions it says that you can add the extension arms if the plants are too close to the lights / burning etc. Unless I misinterpreted this and there are additional extensions that i can / should purchase?

I did wonder if too close without the arms out of the box as the red and white LED lights don’t seem to fully ‘mix’ and so some seedlings are not getting the full spectrum.

I think if it doesn’t have a noticeable effect on the speed of germination and the seedlings arent reaching too much then will use the arms.

Thanks again.