Only one pod growing

Hello! I can’t remember what 3 different sets of pods I bought because it’s for my workplace. I don’t know why, but only one seems to be growing (not sure if you can identify which plant it was from the picture). It’s reaching the roof of the first arm, so I’m wondering if I should leave it as it is for another week or so (hence risking burning the top part) or snip it off. I really don’t know what’s wrong with the rest :frowning:


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Hi @Ken_Foo ,

you should never use the Smart Garden 9 without the extension. It is required so the white and red light spectra would mix together correctly. See

Is the soil of the other pods moist?
What room temperature do you have?

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Hi @Ken_Foo,

Please add lamp arms to your Smart Garden 9.

It also seems that the other soils are dry. Please make sure that the wick is present and in good contact with the soil If you planted your first plants from the starter kit, then you planted Green lettuce, basil ja mini tomato.

If your pods still fail to sprout, then, definitely tell the support about it and faulty pods will be replaced for free.

I hope you find this useful!