Pod problem

Hello, one of my 9 pods is not working !
In my first try I’ve used 3 mini tomatoes 3 strawberry 1 basil 1 red sweet peppers and 1 hot chilli peppers.
Every one but one strawberry are fine.
I’ve said ok I’ll replace that pod with a lettuce pod.
After a while nothing happens, it does not sprout at all while the starting 8 are growing without any problem. Two questions : I think that there is not a coincidence that twice the same pod does not work ?
Do I get a replacement of those plants that did not work ? And how ?

Have you checked to make sure the wick is sufficiently pushed into the pod cup so that it is transmitting sufficient water to the pod? I have had this problem before and it makes a big difference to the results. Good luck!

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thank you I’ll check it out

@pistou please let us know if that was the issue or not

I’m not sure.
I’ve move the stick a bit and replace the same lettuce pod. Now I’m waiting to see if something happens.
Do you think that I should change the pod for a new one ?

I think you could try again with the lettuce pod that didn’t sprout at all. If it is a water problem, and you are able to fix that, the lettuce should germinate. Make sure the wick is poking up into the cup so that the pod does not sit flush. I found that made a big difference. Good luck!

if the stick gets water and transfers it to the pot, then you should feel at the top of your pot that it is getting moist (same as the other pots you have planted).
For me it took less that an hour to have the top moist after putting in the pots.

yes of course, I’ve checked it out and moist is on the pod surface, then I’m waiting for some lettuce life signs :face_with_monocle:

the temperature also may plays a factor here… when i first started with tomatoes it was way too cold for them in the room. But I guess you have now something within the suggested temperature range?

Yes now it looks ok, I’ve changed the pod and is growing :sunglasses:

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