Removing the lamp to add extension

I’ve had my smart garden 9 since Christmas when I set up the lamp using the extension, as I assumed that was the right way. I’ve now cleaned it all out and have started with 9 new pods. I watched some Canadian reviewer on YouTube who said Click and Grow recommended starting new pods without the extensions so that’s what I’ve done. Now that things are sprouting I want to remove the lamp and add the extension but the lamp is stuck.
How do I remove it?
And I keep seeing reference to two extensions. I’ve only got one. I need help. I do not understand.

Ok, so,I’ve now got the wretched thing off. The Canadian YouTuber was probably talking about the smart garden 3 but she’d been singing the praises of the 9 and had a 9 beside her so I made the obvious assumption.
And somewhere on the website it does say the 9 used to be supplied with two extensions but is now supplied with the one and it should always be used.
It’s all very confusing!
What I’ve done now is put a thin layer of Vaseline on the connecting bits so that when I want to dismantle them for cleaning there won’t be the same problems.

Hi Colettem,

I feel the confusion you have with the extensions. I actually ask something very similar in a different thread.

Not sure about the vaseline thing, my came pretty easy apart for cleaning and I did it so far twice (plus several times when i just got the garden)

CU AssetBurned :wink: