Smart Garden 9 setup of lamp and extension arms


I messed up when I was setting up my new Smart Garden 9. I forgot to add the extension arms. Now, the lamp is stuck in this position, and it’s too low. I need to remove the lamp arm so I can put the extension arms on and put the lamp arm on top. However, the lamp arm is stuck, and I don’t know how to remove it. I have tried with my own strength and with pliers, but it’s really stuck on there, and I don’t want to break it. Can you help me solve this problem, please? Thank you.

I tried to add images to this post, but as I am a new user, I was unable to.

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Are you pulling on both arms at the same time? If you only pull on one arm the unevenness of it might be making it harder to remove. Disclaimer: I haven’t needed to disassemble my Smart Garden 9 since I put it together so I am only assuming from memory that there’s nothing in the structure that should prevent you from simply pulling it out

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Thanks a lot, Mikey. I was actually able to figure it out myself after I posted my question. Hopefully, this will be helpful to other people who might misunderstand the directions the way I did.

You’re right - pulling at both arms at the same time would have been better, but I live alone and didn’t have anyone to hold down the bottom part of the garden while I yanked up on the arm. So, I managed to get one side of the arm off with brute force, and then I jiggled the other side back and forth (holding down the bottom part of the garden with my other hand or knee), and eventually, it came off with no damage (thank goodness!). Garden is plugged in and ready to go :smile:


Hi So I added the lamp arm without the extentions to my 9-pod garden and now I cannot remove the lamp arm on one side (the other side is able to come off)… we have three different people trying and it still does not come off. We tried to remove both sides together, to wiggle it, to push it from underneath – no luck. What to do ???

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Hi @Ajoy ,

Sorry to hear that!

Please try to pull both sides at the same time and jiggled it gently. Unfortunately, there is no good solution to get it loose as it is meant to be used with arms from the beginning.

I hope you manage to add arms to your lamp.