Smart garden 9

I’ve got a smart garden 9, and I’m very pleased with it. However, looking at the instructions, it looks like the kit should come with 4 single arm extensions. Mine arrived with only 2 in the box.
Is that right or am I misreading?

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Hi @ChasLovell , welcome to the community!

Smart Garden 9 comes with two lamp arms/one pair. It seems you got an older version of the manual, sorry for that. You might be pleased to learn that all plants in Click and Grow plant selection grow well with just one pair of lamp arms, from start until the lasts up to date of the pod.

In the manual, there is one figure that might be confusing. One lamp arm as a groove in it and the other has not, so that one arm can only fit on one side. This is visually show so, because the lamp and arms fit only one way, due to the cord.