Click & Grow 9 device, is the lamp fixture raise-able?

I am wanting to know if on the 9 plant device, is the lamp fixture over the pods able to be raised to accommodate when the plants grow larger/taller? So far as I have been able to try this, it does not raise higher, or mine is stuck.

You can buy extension arms if you need them: Smart Garden 9 Extension Arms – Click & Grow EU


Thank you! I thought there should be some in my original package, but when there weren’t I was really wondering!

@Pagosan33 did you contacted the support that there were no arms in there? or did you bought the garden second hand?

Thanks, I did get this taken care of. I bought the garden brand new… it came with two arms to support the lighting fixture, but not extra arms. I just thought maybe I needed extras if the plants grow really tall. But I’ve since realized it’s better to prune them back. Too tall is almost always too leggy and thin.

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