Tomatoes so small

how come my 82 days old tomatoes are so small! it’s smaller than my thumb. image|666x500


Unfortunately we can’t see/open the image you provided.

So, I guess you are concerns that the tomato fruits are too small. What color are the fruits now, have it changed color?

It would be helpful if you could post a picture of your garden setup. :slight_smile:

it is so small. and this is the first few tommies after 80 over days. feeling sad. please advise do i need to add any fertilizer as there are still many flowers

Thank you for the pictures, it is super helpful.

Your tomatoes look fine btw. It is a dwarf cultivar and fruits will remain that small (I have seen even smaller). Adding fertilizer now would not grow the fruits bigger. (But you may need to add more plant food if you are considering to transplant after harvest.)

Did you thin Mini Tomato pods to one plant per pod?

But, I notice that you are using two pairs of extensions. Has it been like this from the start?
I would recommend to use just one pair. For that it is probably needed to cut back your basil. Also, Green Lettuce and new pods that you just started would grow much better if you would lower the lamp.

i have about 2 to 3 plant per pod. so i need to remove them and just leave 1 per pod. and also lower the lamp. am i right

Yes, it is highly recommended to grow one plant per pod (for fruiting plants only), but thinning should be done at early stage on development, when first pair of true leaves have developed. By leaving one plant per pod to grow there will be enough space and plant food to grow and yield.
At the moment I would leave them as they are and use this knowledge next time. But I would lower the lamp for the sake of other young plants.

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Hi I just started germinating my dwarf peas on Sunday evening. But tonight I see mosses. Please help

It is a mini tomato.

I would advise to start with some herbs, then move to fruiting plants.

No it is dwarf peas. Just removed the lettuce. Mini tomatoes and basil. Then restart with sweet pepper, strawberry and dwarf peas. Now the peas pod looks like growing mould. Pleas advise should I remove them.