A sort of item viz. experimental

For this year’s starters for outdoor tomato plants, I decided to go with C&G’s Experimental Pack. My seeds (Big Beef) germinated quickly and well. But I think they’re going to be too tall and probably a bit leggy well before I’m ready to transplant outdoors. I don’t think I’ll try jump starting using my SG3 again, at least with larger plants.


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I also use my smart garden to grow some of the tall tomato plants, that will be planted in a greenhouse when the weather improves. This is my tomato ‘Primary colors’, this is the first time I’m growing it, this is exciting!

Anyways, all tomatoes should be planted a bit deeper once planted to their final growing spot. Even if your young plant is a bit leggy, you may plant it a bit sideways, it will grow upwards soon again. If a part of the stem is in the soil it will help it develop more roots, which also means that the plant can take up more water and nutrients from the soil that also means more yield for you.

Happy experimenting!

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Hi @Mirjam That tomato looks amazing! Are they low acid?

I’m all set with greenhouse bags and know to plant them deep (and bent, if necessary). I’m trying to keep them in my SG3 for as long as I can but probably will have to do an intermediate transplant to a bigger pot. I’m wondering whether I could raise my light bar as high as possible and put the intermediate pots on top of the SG3 base. Might not be enough light - or space - so I’ll play it by ear if/as the necessity arises.

This is definitely the most fun time of year! Well, except for the other times of year! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for letting me know you also use your smart garden for starting seed. Cool!


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