An experiment in growing cannabis in my cg9 (legal state)

Found a seed in my grinder and had a tomato that didn’t sprout, so decided to test it out. The plant grew quickly and healthy with very little maintenance. The only additional items I bought were an outlet timer to change the lighting cycle, liquid plant food, and a set of extender arms.


Hi @miamigardenclub

It is so great to see your success with cannabis and other plants.
I think your post is very helpful for other growers.

As I understand you used one of the ungerminated tomato pods and added the seed there. The results are looking great by the way. I recommend using the Experimental plant pods that you can get from the website or local reseller.

Can you elaborate what is the ideal lighting cycle? Are you using the regular cup or perforated pro cup? Thanks so much in advance.

One important advice is to cover the holes in the garden! Otherwise, the algae starts forming and it will be very messy to clean that up once it starts to form. Cover it with empty cups or just something dark enough to cover the empty holes.


The perforated grow cups are essential, the cannabis plants grow extremely fast once they sprout and the roots are THICK. I noticed the plant going into flowering but didn’t have the WiFi switch in time which was my biggest downfall. I got the switch a week later and changed the cycle to 10 on /14 off but the plant went back into vegetative and eventually hermed. I ended up putting in empty cups with the covers and domes (no wicks) to prevent algae.

I continued to use tap water, no ph tests or any other nutrients. I really didn’t know anything about growing and learned a lot from Reddit/youtube along this journey. As you can see I had to tie down a lot of the branches, and had to wrap branches under other ones as it was truly a giant plant. When I finally removed it it was almost 2 feet tall.

In the future I would buy feminized seeds and find a shorter strain. Even with the extra extenders the leaves continued to touch and I’d have to adjust the ties about once a week. The plant did eventually produce a TON of seed sacks (at least 100 if not more) but by that time I was finished with the experiment and didn’t grow until they fully formed. Once my round of regular plants are done in my cg9 I’ll start another experiment!



Can’t wait to hear more about the experiment! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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