Transplant tomato sprouts advice needed


This is week two of my tomatoes growth, I transplanted the sprouts that have been thinned out. I do not have other grow light at home so placed them on the cg9. Any advice for taking care of those that have been thinned out? I water them twice a day, when do I need to start giving them fertilizer for instance? Any advice is welcome to help my tomatoes thrive outside of cg9. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s thoughtful to save the other tomato plants too!
For now, they can stay near Smart Garden 9, but later try to find a well-lit place near the windowsill or someplace where there is bright light. Tomatoes love warmth and sunlight. If it’s possible I advise you to plant the tomatoes outside. But only if the temperatures are high enough and the final frost threat has passed.

Water accordingly, if the soil is wet don’t water but when it starts to dry out water them again. For small seedlings checking the water once every 2-3 days is fine.

Depending on what substrate you used the nutrients may be already in the substrate. But I’d start using liquid fertilizer or water-soluble nutrient powder from 4th week of growing. Whatever you’re using, make sure to read the directions and avoid over-applying.

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Thanks so much for your reply Debra!

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