I accidentally cut off one my tomsto seedlings' roots completely and now its dying a day later

these are my first tomato seedlings and im a beginner with this stuff, i was trying to transport my slightly grown seedlings into bigger pots but i accidentally may or may not have killed it by cutting the roots, please is there a solution?
I cant buy anything external so i need diy solutions. Help!

There wouldn’t be a need to transport them into another pot at all. All the pots are meant to grow in the smart garden till fruits/plants are ready to harvest.

The pot was a starting seed pot, smaller than my hand… It started tioget big and there were multiple seedlings packed in one so i had to seperate

And i dont have a smart garden… Im a total beginner i just put them outside my window… Either way too late for an answer… Thanks alot for bothering to respond tho… Now i have abunch of tomato seedlings grown to trees almost at my stomach

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