Growing Cannabis in Click & Grow?



Has anyone any experience of growing cannabis in Click & Grow? I understand that the product is small. Can anyone recommend any good cultivars? Where to get them? How to prune?


Here in the Netherlands growing cannabis is not such a big deal. I know a little bit about growing it.
I never used the Click and Grow for it, but you need the autoflowers for it. They stay small and have a short lifespan of about 9 weeks. As the name autoflowers inidicates they start flowering even without the strict light-dark cycle.
I imagine the Click and Grow will just be perfect for it.
Seeds can be bought in online growshops.


Cool! Can you recommend any specific autoflower cannabis variety or a reliable seed distributor?

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It completely depends on what you use it for. If you use it recreationally you need another type than when you need it for medical reasons.
I don’t know where you live, but Dutch suppliers can’t always ship anywhere they want. Several countries are restricted.
I advice you to join a cannabis forum, there are always lots of members that can tell you what to use and where to buy it.


I was just wondering if Click & Grow would be a good option to grow cannabis. There are plenty of products out there, but I like the simplicity…

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I think the Click and Grow would indeed be a good option. The height of the autoflower would not be a problem, only the width of the maturing plants would probably limit you in the number of plants you could grow in the same device.
I think the smell it would eventually produce on your windowsill, might be a bit overwhelming :slight_smile:


I would advise to use a Click & Grow SG9 for cannabis. The red LED element improves its growth.
From that on, it depends on the cultivar much. But i assume with proper pruning it can be achieved nicely.
The light cycle of the Click & Grow is 16h ON / 8 OFF. So if you need to make a shorter day, you need to use a separate timer. But for autoflowering cultivars it is not an issue.

Personally I think The Click & Grow is better for starting marijuana plants/clones. I think for bigger plants replanting/repotting is a good option.

But I would love to see, if anyone has some pictures…


:upside_down_face: Replanting will absolutely be necessary. I live in California where it’s legal so I feel pretty comfortable posting a couple of pictures.


Like any plant, I feel that one is already doing much better than the other.


Nice!! What kind of soil did you use?

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What cultivar is it? Do you know?

Also, is your lamp using 1 or two extensions? I’m asking, because light seems a bit low on the picture.


I used the experimental pods. :upside_down_face:

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Working on 2 Blueberry Autoflowers. I’m only using 1 lamp extension. Just went on vacation for a week and they exploded!


How is it now


They’ve been replanted and they’re going so strong!!!

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I suggest removing an extension arm. U can place your bluberry auto flower any where els with light.


Thanks for the advice but that’s an old picture. I know what I’m doing. Haha

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They look excellent. Keep us posted!


Hey there, I have a click and Grow, I was wondering how you will finish them and get them to flower by only using the click and grow and not any other light. I’m really tempted to try this. Any advice, i was thinking autoflowers with 16/8 light and then finishing with 12/12, do you think it’ll work? ?! @AFrench13 15522398306867266438581486229877|666x500


I think growing cannabis until finish using only Click & Grow can be accomplished. But it’s not easy.
The light cycle is good for the vegetative phase. If you want 12/12 light, you have to use an additional timer.

You can possibly extend the height of the lamp using lamp extensions.

But the size of the plant pod is worrying me. Maybe one solution would be drilling some holes into the bottom of the refill cup. This way the roots can climb into the tank and the root mass can be bigger.