Growing Cannabis in Click & Grow?


Hello! I’m actually in the process of dwarfing my two beautiful plants. Marijuana is like basil, any time you cut it, two new branches come out of the cut. By using this basic process and a few others, I’m keeping my plants very small. However, I’m not so sure you can leave the plants in the C&G cups. I use the light from the C&G when my plants are inside, but I do try to give them a few hours outside every day to give them some actual sunlight. However, It’s been raining alot in California lately, which is great! We need it. But it’s been forcing me to keep my plants locked up inside with just the C&G lights. They are doing just fine that way. I like @Priit 's idea about letting the roots into the water tank. But I still think the cup might be too small. Marijuana is a tree, after all. It does very much WANT to get huge. :slight_smile:


Great points! I would have thought by keeping the roots smaller, the plant would grow smaller too. I would be tempted to try the hole method. I was thinking i would just remove the arm and stick the light to the wall as it grows taller.

Thank you for the reply.