Suggestions for the app


Some feedback for the app guess others have also some ideas to chime in.

  • being able to easy look at past comments for plants.
    I am still in the finding phase what I like and what grows well here. So I want to keep track of which plant I like and which I likely won’t buy anytime soon again.

  • being able to remove multiple plants at once.
    Salad for example easily get harvested in 2 or more pots at once. Now I have to individually select each pod and go through the Q&A for each of them.

  • selecting multiple slots at once for start growing.
    If I replace 3 pods with the same plant, I have to do the same steps three times.

  • moving pods
    Once planes become bigger it might make sense to move them to a different slot to give them more space

  • ability to track plants outside of the smart garden.
    Once the plants are harvested we might want to continue growing plants outside the smart garden so why not keeping track of them in the app as well

  • ability to move pods between gardens
    Kind of goes hand in hand with the general shuffling pods in one garden

  • removing restrictions of planting dates
    Why can’t I backdate all plants? Tomato and chillies behave differently (I currently use a placeholder 25 pod garden for pods that i keep on growing outside of my nice click and grow 9 pod) and each time I move something over I have to backdate the plants :-/

CU AssetBurned :wink:


If there’s a way to change my time zone, I haven’t found it. I don’t even know what time zone it’s set too. I’ll figure it out, but would be nice when programming the lights to know which 8 o’clock we’re talking about. Would also be nice to be able to change between Celsius/Fahrenheit, again not something I can’t figure out, but should be a setting.


Maybe integrating the garden with HomeKit would be interesting. If you place the garden in a room where you have a thermometer, you could get recommendations to lower or raise the temperature to meet the plants needs better.

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It’s been a while now. Thank you for the suggestions and I hope we can keep this thread evolving and active.

I’m pleased to notify you that it is possible to remove multiple plants at once now both for Smart Gardens and Click and Grow 25. :wink: