Click and Grow app


When will the new app for Click and Grow be available?


Currently, we’re working out the last bugs and testing out the final kinks, and we’ll slowly start rolling the first versions out to testers in the coming month. After that feedback time we will set a launch date and send out all the relevant information to everybody!


Thank you.


What about now? Its December. By all accounts, the app was supposed to be released in October…

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So… app?



So there have been some developments on the app.
You can access it here:

Please be aware that this thing is under active design and development. So some bugs may occur.
However feel free to post your feature requests!

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If one doesn’t have their product code, how would one either get that, or bypass the garden registration entirely on the app? :slight_smile:


Every Click & Grow Smart Garden has a product code at the bottom of the water tank. Just lift up your garden and look for a small white sticker with numbers on it - that’s the code.


What if your code just gives an error message?


This is fixed now. The field is no longer mandatory.
Thanks for the feedback.


Would it also be possible to change the plants’ age in the app? :thinking:


Thanks priit. The Same error message pops up when I hit submit though.


What kind of error do you see? maybe pm me a screenshot?


Yes please on the age of the plants. Also, I accidently clicked on yellow pepper instead of yellow tomatoes and there’s no way to edit your garden on the app that I saw.


I changed the name of the garden and it worked so unfortunately, I can’t. Thanks for your help though.


Hey @priit. Can you please make it possible to change the age of a plant, change the name of a garden, delete a garden, transfer a plant to a different garden, and can you add a plant growth timeline like the old app. Thank You!