Click and Grow app


I’m wondering if it would be possible to make the texts shorter by using images or symbols for certain features (sprouting time, thinning, temperature, etc.). Would be a lot easier to grasp :wink:


Hi there, I tried to use this link but was only able to read about plants on the website - no app.

Am I missing something?


No i dont think so cause it also happened to me and on plant pod refil packages it says


Thanks all for the feedback!

Firstly I’m happy to announce that since yesterday “timed tips” are implemented. So now Click & Grow can provide much more valuable information. Recipes, sharing with friends and much more is soon to come.

Also to clarify. The new app is bult using a super new technology “Progressive Web Apps”. This means you don’t actually have to go to the play store or iTunes to get it (although you can). For all newer Androids, iOS and Windows devices the best experience is delivered over the web.
This means no updating the app. Immediate access to all newest features and etc. Android devices will prompt to install a app icon on the dashboard. iOS devices should press the Share icon and then “Add to Home Screen.”

@Kathryne - Did you log in?
I kindly ask for your patience. The app is still in active development and it will be so for the next year. New features will be added every week. The list is long.
Currently the app provides the most thorough information about Click & Grow plants. And information we want to keep in focus.
If you have any feature requests, please post them here - we appreciate it a lot and are hopefully able to implement them according to your liking!

@Ann_g, thanks for your feedback. Some of your desired changes were implemented yesterday. Some are soon to come.


Will there be a way to delete a Garden? In case of an accidental misclick or just want to switch something out?


Hi prit,

I don’t think I’m in the new app. …I have an iPhone and downloaded the old app from the store in October when I first bought the click and grow. I haven’t seen any changes to it. …can you confirm if this screenshot is part of that app?


Hey Katherine!
Thanks for your interest!

Nope. That’s the wrong app. We are working on getting the new one up to iTunes this week.

However - you don’t need iTunes to use the new PWA app. Just go to

using your phone and start using! You might want to press the “add to home screen” button too.


Thank you priit!!

Is there a way to change the age of the plants? Right now they are showing zero days old.

Thanks so much,



Thx i cant wait for the app


Hey @priit. Can you please make it possible to change the age of a plant, change the name of a garden, delete a garden, transfer a plant to a different garden, and can you add a plant growth timeline like the old app. Thank You!


And will the website and app be compatible (info put in the web will also save on the app)
? And when this week will it be released?