Click and Grow app


Also Pls make it possible to save your account so every time you go to the website or app you won’t need to put your account in


I would love to choose a colour of my garden and change the age of the plants too.

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Some improvements on the app again.

  1. Logging in should be much nicer - the apps stay in and don’t log out.
  2. You can now make notes of your plants! Don’t hesitate to use this functionality to give us feedback on how you use the garden.

Working hard to increase the app performance every day. We are currently doing a lot of content writing and getting the code ready to make time-critical information available to all users using posh notifications.

When the latter is ready, you can expect a lot of small issues to be fixed in no time (timings, renaming gardens, password and color changes etc).

Thank you all for your feedback!

  • App on: Google Play

  • App on: iTunes

  • Additionally you can use it from ANY device using your browser (Progressive Web App - PWA): here

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Can u make it possible to change the age of a plant too?



I noticed the new icons for the plants in the garden. I accidentally deleted my plant - could the ‘finish’ plant option have a confirmation before finishing it or perhaps a text on it (when hovering over it) that this icon is for finishing?

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Yes! It now has a double prompt. The icons are a hint of where we want to go with the UX. We plan a major UX update in the end of April.

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hey! We get this question a lot. And it would be a easy thing to do. But.
We have an idea which we want to test before. And it is regarding the plant starting time.

So we kindly ask for your patience. Hopefully you will like the feature. Coming in the beginning of May.


Really awesome new feature when clicking on the sprouting and temperature part in the plant menu, giving extra tips.
Only feedback regarding it is that it isn’t very noticeable atm?


I love the content. Getting more and more valuable by the day.

One idea - plant recommendation function would we awesome. Something to suggest you plants, for example, based on your location, purpose, mood, recent Spotify playlist…you name it. Basically something to make the selection more fun and shorten the selection. Picking from the long list is time consuming, especially when looking for plants with specific characteristics.


We really like the idea! Will put this in development.

Also. Another app makeover will be released before the end of this month. With more content being produced daily. Soon:shushing_face:

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