App won’t let me add correct plants

Hi just trying to put my 9 plants into the app. It doesn’t put them in the correct places. I realize I can move the pods around but I am trying to arrange the plants in a way that will give them the most room. Also I made an error and have 2 basil plants input instead of 1. I can’t delete or change 1 of them

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Hi @CindyS

Thanks for the feedback. If you have registered a smart garden 9 the app allows you to add 9 plants altogether at a time. So, you should be able to finish one basil and then add a new plant to your garden. It’s ok to move the plants positions in the garden according to their needs, it is so nice to hear that you take such good care of your plants.
Now that you add a plant that you have planted some time ago, you can change the date by “edit” before pushing “done”.
Please let me know how it goes.

I was able to lie to the app and say I had finished growing the plant I wanted to delete. Then it let me delete it to add the correct one. Once I had all the 9 plants added it no longer lets me view them in map format so it’s a moot point that I can’t put them in the correct locations. A map view would be useful because my labels smudge easily.

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