Do you need to plant all 3 pods in a packet at the same time? Plant pod viability?

Once you open a packet, do you need to plant all 3 pods? Or, can you just plant one now and plant the others later? I wasn’t sure how long they would last once the packet was opened.


IIRC, the fresh pods will keep for sometime (circa 1 year).

I tend to go through pods in fits and starts, so I’ve had some sit for three months, and there’s never been a problem. Of course, I use some common sense here:

  • I re-seal the sticky lid on the container.
  • I don’t let the pods get wet prematurely.



Do I have to use the entire three pack of pods at one time? Or can I use one in store the other two for future?


Welcome to the community @Hankrh

You may store the remaining pods and plant those in the future.

3-pack covers are resealable, just make sure you store your pods in a dry and dark place, and they will be usable for later use.

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Thanks for welcoming me to the site. What is the best way to store unused pods after the seal on the package has been opened and how long are they good for?

Hi @GaryL!

The best way to store unused pods is to keep them in a dry and dark place. The temperature should not be over 25 degrees (celsius) and seeds are viable for up to 2 years. If you do not have this kind of room conditions, you can also keep them in the fridge (not less than 3C degrees).