Can we just use I pod of the plant pod 3-pack

Hi I have just received another supply of 3 x 9 plant refill. What I need to know is can I use only 1 of the refill out of the 3 refill and keep the other two for later use. As my basil and tomatoes are only 1 month plus. And if it is fine. Then how should I keep them


3-packs are resealable. So, you don’t have to use all plant pods at once- you can save some for later. Just keep them on normal room temp and away from excess moisture.
If you have unopened packs, you can just leave them on room temp away from direct sunlight. Seeds should remain viable for at least one year.


Noted with thanks. By the way what do you mean by extra moisture

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Hi. It means there should be no condensed water near the 3-packs, as it may occur in a freezer. If the pods have contact with moisture seeds may pre-germinate and die off before it is planted to a garden. If you are worried that this may happen, just put the already opened 3-pack in a zip lock bag and push out most of excess air.

Thank you very much. Will follow accordingly.

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