Pod refill packs management

Hi everyone,

I am a new C&G owner, received a smart garden 3 as a Christmas gift and I am now planning to plant 3 different kind of plants into the first growth. However as you all know, the refill packs comes with 3 pods in a pack and I only intend to use one pod from each pack. How do i store the pack after opening? Will the pods be unusable if not stored properly?


The pod packs are re-sealable so that you only have to use one at a time. The unused pods should be stored away from direct heat, moisture, or sunlight. They will last in the re-sealed pack for up to two years.


Yep! Storing pods can easily be done in any cardboard box or paper bag.
I prefer Click & Grow 9-packs. They are convenient to store in a book shelf or somewhere similar.

Thank you all for the great advice!

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I wonder if CG plugs fit into egg-trays or egg cartons? I think they should be fine until they are kept dry and dark.