How long do opened pods last before use?

Hi, just got my Sg9 and set it up, including putting in the dry pods.

Thankfully, before adding water, I found out my schedule has changed for the rest of the year and I won’t be able to tend to the growing, being gone weeks at a time.

Will those dry pods be ok sitting in the Sg9 for a couple of months or do I need to disassemble and put them in air tight containers?

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Hi and welcome.

Then I have mixed different types of pods I keep the rest of the pods in the package and a sealed plastic bag.
I would assume the pods would make it if climate is dry, cover the SG so it is a bit protected.

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I agree with Seaserpent in keeping the pods in the original containers if you still have them and sealed in a good plastic bag works. Squeeze the excess air out of the bag so it is sort of “vacuum” sealed. Not sure if I would leave in the unit where nutrient-loving bugs might get to the pods. Good luck with the job travel.


Thank you for your responses. When back from this trip, I will disassemble and pack the pods away.

I just started growing my first pods two weeks ago and now having my first harvest.

I signed up for the subscription and they quickly shipped out my arugula pods. Question is how long with the pods stay good if not planted right away? I don’t think I will need to plant them for another two months I want to make sure I didn’t waste my money

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Hi @Diana_Marco,

Plant pods will be good to be used up to two years after purchase. Just store it in a dry and cool place until you wish to plant it.