Reusing unsprouted pods

I have a quick question regarding the possible reuse of the pods that didn’t sprout.

As I replaced them by the new ones that you shipped (yellow tomato and mustard leaf), I wonder if it’s ok to put them aside to use later with the tomatoes that I’ll be thining soon enough from the new pods. But in the meantime I have them out of the smart garden pods, and already wet :s

Is it ok to keep them moist as they were already? If so, do you have any advice on the best way/conditions to keep them? Or should I try to dry them out some how?


What a great idea to use “unused” plant pods. If they don’t sprout just treat them as Experimental plant pods.

Such pods (as you described) are totally reusable. If the tomato pods are already planted (they will sprout in no time) there is no need to dry those faulty pods. Just leave them in the garden until needed. If the new pods don’t produce that much seedlings as needed, just use some of your own seeds.

But, some problems may occur, if they stay like this for longer. Algae and mold may attack the soil. So, both should be removed right before transplanting the seedlings.

Next time if this happens and pod will stay wet w/o plants longer than a few weeks, squeeze very gently some extra water out and just dry them at room temp (it takes a couple of days) and store them in dry place.