Cilantro and Rosemary


I stay in humid singapore and had CG9 for a while.
Recently I subscribed to the pod seeds for one year and ordered Cilantro and Rosemary.

Out of 3 cilantro pods, two germinated and I used a stick to prop it up after knowing they lean to one side while growing. After 1 month, I found the leaves drying up and dying. Water level was good, Light was good.

Is it because of humidity ?

My rosemary did not germinated at all. Planted all of them on 20th July.

Suggestions and Tips welcome.


Sorry to hear that your plants are not thriving!

It would really help if you could upload a picture of your plants. It would help a lot to tell what is happening to your plant.

Cilantro should be fine if growing in high humidity environment. But again, pod age and picture of it would help to clarify the situation. It is correct that young Cilantro plants grow side-wards, it is all normal.

Rosemary needs quite a lot of time to germinate. Sometimes it may take over a month. Please make sure that there are seeds inside the tiny hole. If it is still not sprouting, please contact our support and you’ll get new pods for free.

Also, there is a lot of useful information on our page, under product info. Please find “plant care”!


Hi Mirjam

Attached are the pictures of cilantro and rosemary.

Out of 3 cilantro pods, 1 germinated, the leaves are burnt and the lights are extended to the full height.

Out of 3 rosemary pods, 1 germinated, the leaf don’t look healthy also. Both pods are planted on 20th July 2018.

Not sure what went wrong.

I have contact Matt from CG and he has given me a discount code to get two other plant pods to try again.

Thank you for adding pics!

I’m really glad that you got in contact with Matt.

How high is the lamp / how many extension arms are you using atm?

It seems to me that you have planted new pods next to quite large plants that steal most of the light. That’s why your cilantro and tiny rosemary can’t grow normally.
I would suggest to harvest/cut back you basil. It promotes growth of your basil pods (if they are not too old) and allow young seedlings to grow.

Also, there is no need to add support for Coriander plants. They will grow nicely as soon as they get more light :slight_smile:

If you have more questions, please, let us know!

Thank you. That most probably could be the reason.

Sam going to repot the Thai basil and see if my cilantro and rosemary can still germinate after so long. Thanks so much

It’s a good idea to repot larger plants to keep them around longer.

I would recommend to check if there are seeds inside your pods. Coriander seeds are pale, round and quite easy to find. Rosemary seeds are much smaller.

Sometimes, during transportation, seeds get loose. If seeds are gone they can’t germinate either :frowning:

Thanks. I will check.
I think the seeds should still be in the pod.

They will still germinate under the right light and condition if i remove my thai basil to let them hav the full spectrum of light ?

Rosemary may germinate much later, but I’m not sure about Coriander.